MONTMORILLONITE Far more effective than kaolin


MONTMORILLONITE Diarrhoea Suspension for Dogs, NEW IMPROVED Free Flow Formulation. An effective and superior absorbent for diarrhoea and other digestive disorders in dogs of all ages. Montmorillonite is far more effective than kaolin, with high absorbency controlling diarrhoea. BENEFITS are: Helps promote good health, Helps remove toxins and protozoa’s, Helps dogs with bad allergies.

INGREDIENTS: A pink creamy suspension containing;20% Montmorillonite. 5% Activate Attapulgite. ADMINISTRATION: Add to feed or give direct  5ml per 10kg body weight up to twice daily.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Montmorillonite is a colloid that is an electrically charged particle. Colloids naturally bind to toxins in your dog’s digestive system, effectively removing them via the stool. This action helps dogs with bad allergies by binding and removing the toxins.Colloidal minerals are also readily assimilated by your dog.



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