Dried Tripe Sticks Dog Treats 2.5 Kg


Dried Tripe Sticks Natural Dog Treats

Dried Tripe Sticks are the best in natural dog treats, relished across the canine species. Dried to perfection, neither too hard nor soft, the pipes are
naturally flavoured. You get the assurance of use of 100% safe ingredients without the use of chemically laced additives or potentially harmful preservatives. The Dried Tripe Dog Treat is the perfect chewable for making the dog’s teeth cleaner and the gums healthier. Ensuring a fresher breath and helping to keep your dog productively engaged throughout the day, the natural Tripe Stick Treats are easy to carry?even when your dog accompanies you to a picnic!100% Dried Beef Tripe Sticks are a great treat for any dog.They will discourage the dog from chewing furniture etcThey will also promote cleaner teeth and fresher breath.Comes in bulk 2.5 kg bags these are a great money saver.

Tripe Sticks contain no cereals, fish, soya, milk products, sugar or added salt.Dogs love this product even though its always usually a strong smell to the item, its 100% Natural Beef tripe sticks. This is a bargain price for a bulk 2.5kg size pack, should keep your pet going for a while when buying like this.

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