1kg Pigs Ear Pieces Dog Treat Chews Food Snack (50-55 Pieces)


Natural Pigs Ears Pieces. Classic Dog ChewPerfectly sized chew for smaller medium sized dogs, pig ear pieces help with portion control for larger dogsA Quality, Natural Pork Treat That Has Been Air Dried For Dogs Of All Sizes And AgesNutritional Info: Protein 79.2% , Oil 15.9% , Fibre 0.2% , Ash 2.3%Porky Bites Natural Crunchy Pigs Ears Inners 1kg Dog Treats.These pigs ears inners used as dog treats have got to be the biggest bargain in the natural dog treats market! These pigs ears inners are just great value.Porky Bites Natural Dog Treats are the inner ear of the pig rather than the expensive outer part. The same great tasting natural dog treat but a cheaper alternative to expensive pigs ears.Healthy additive free dog treats which will amuse your dog while helping to clean teeth with the chewing action. Each piece is approximately 8cm x 5cm x 4cm in size



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